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Water Tender - 1800


Water Tank:

1,800 litre

Foam Tank:

As required


Multi pressure water pump. Two high pressure hose reels.


Scania 4x2 (Other manufacturers available)


Driver plus four (total five)

Outline Specification


Scania P94DB4x2NB260.
17,800 kg GVW.
260 hp (191 kW).
Automatic transmission.
Scania CP28 four door fully tilting crew cab with seating for five persons (driver plus four).
Sit-and-strap SCBA brackets for the three rear crew positions.

Water Tank:

1,800 litre.

Foam Tank:

As Required

Installed equipment:

Multi-pressure aluminium alloy centrifugal water pump; rated at 3,000 litre/minute.
Four normal pressure delivery outlets.
Two powered-rewind, high pressure hose reels, each with 54 m of 19 mm bore hose and jet/spray branch pipe / fog gun.

Superstructure Bodywork:

Heavy duty aluminium alloy construction.
Three lockers each side, enclosed by aluminium alloy roller shutters. Transverse forward internal stowage section to carry a short extension ladder and other long items.
Dry stowage cabinet for medical equipment.
Swing-out shelves and slide-and-tilt shelves.
Stowage for 10.5m double extension ladder, suction hose, delivery hose, branch pipes, hydraulic rescue equipment, floodlighting, etc.


Two mini light bars on cab roof.
Siren with Public Address system.
Repeater lamps front and rear.
Side mounted scene and hazard lamps.
Mains input powered battery charger and brake air top-up compressor.
Telescopic floodlighting mast with 4 x 500W lamps 3kW 110V generator.

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