Brigade Disposals


We provide brigades with the facility to market and dispose of surplus appliances. 

Being based on a 65 acre former RAF site and with 150,000 sq ft of modern undercover vehicle warehousing we are ideally placed to provide brigades with a facility for disposal of vehicles.

We already work closely with several organisations in disposal of military assets and have a good working knowledge of what is expected.

So..... what can we offer?


Those brigades seeking to dispose of appliances which have been replaced can come to us and have the assurance that appliances will be disposed of in a proper manner and in accordance with their instructions.

We provide...

  • Safe internal or external storage
  • Servicing of vehicles if required
  • Pump Testing if required
  • Run Readiness work for callback to service vehicles
  • De-commissioning work
  • Marketing of vehicles
  • Sales services in accordance with UK homeland security guidelines
  • Permanent Export of vehicles
  • Accurate record keeping

Essentially we can tailor a disposals package to the exacting needs of a brigade or governmental office.

For further information ring our offices on 01302-954007