BacPac; A fire fighting water mist backpack, designed for rapid response situations.


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TM BacPac;  A portable WaterMist fire suppression  kit; designed for rapid  response situations.

BacPac by FireBug, a fire fighting water back pack using water mist technology to offer excellent fire fighting capabilities. We have successfully created a product that delivers a consistent, low pressure droplet flow using significantly less water; making the BacPac ideal for rapid reaction, response situations.

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BacPac WaterMist operates at a genuine low pressure, atomising into billions of droplets, as small as 55 microns in size. Using cutting edge, intelligent technology allows the WaterMist system to tackle a blaze with a consistent droplet size and kinetic energy, essential to the effective control of small fires.

Designed for use by firefighters as well as the trained public, this is an easy to use piece of fire fighting equipment utilising water mist


Water-Vs-WaterMistDesigned to enable rapid response to fire situation.

The BacPac is perfectly suited to: Rubbish fires, shed fires, small car fires, bin fires, tyre fires and more!

 Evems Limited are Official Worldwide Distributers for the Firebug WaterMist range of products