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Working in conjunction with our fabricators, we can basically provide customer's with a made to measure appliance based on chassis preference, body and roll related fire fighting systems.

Smaller Rapid Intervention vehicles


Brigades around the world are realising the need for a first strike rapid response vehicle which is capable of getting to an incident quicker than a normal larger appliance could and yet still be able to offer the same first response.

For more details and photos of available appliances see our link to Rapid Intervention Vehicles


These vehicles come in a number of configurations from a simple equipment carrier right through to a vehicle which can deliver foam via a remote monitor which is delivered from a high output centrifugal pump.


Industrial  vehicles 


Industrial appliances are required globally by large petrochemical companies where there are large volumes of flammable materials stored on large open sites.

These vehicles are designed to carry or delivery large volumes of foam or other agents including dry powder and CO2.



Designed and built to your specification, these vehicles will meet and surpass expectations, that is always our goal.

Manufactured to the highest level of standards using quality brand names and materials, these appliances are built to last.



Customers for these type of appliances include:

-  Brigades
-  Airports
-  Oil Refinery's
-  Factory complex's


Domestic / Municipal  vehicles - Click for recent examples


These are the more regular type of fire engines you see on the road in everyday life attending house fires or car accidents.

These appliances carry a crew of up to 8 along with an assortment of tools, equipment and of course the facility to put down medium in the form of water only or a foam mix.




Along with the more regular Type B appliances, lots of brigades are utilising smaller commercially available chassis to provide quick response without tying up a major front line appliance.




These vehicles are not only being purchased by local authority brigades but are also in demand for use on Airfields as a prime domestic incident responder (rather than utilising a major foam tender), oil refinery sites or power stations.

Again, these vehicles are built to customer specifications to meet the demands of the role.



Emergency Water/Foam Tankers


These vehicles are ordered by brigades and also by other UK and offshore companies where there is a need for an emergency supply of water or foam due to either the nature of the fire or the fact that there is a limited supply of water for the attending appliances.




Aerial Ladders / Platforms


These specialist units are obviously designed primarily for fire involving multiple floor buildings or where there is a need to project a stream of medium onto a fire from height.